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Three Common Problems That You Should Immediately Call A Tow Truck For

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When you think of a tow truck service you probably think about large crashes and badly mangled cars, but that is not always the case. Quite often tow trucks are used for much more mundane reasons and they can save you a lot of time, effort, and money when it comes to your car. The simple truth is many people don't even consider using a tow truck, which is where you can run into trouble and accidentally make the problem worse. Here are a few common problems that could be solved, or at least very much helped, through the use of a tow truck service. 

Electrical Issue

If your car's electronic system starts to behave weirdly then you should immediately pull over and call for a tow. Not only do modern cars have electrical systems that control everything from their navigation to their power steering, but they also use electrical systems for things like your windows and radio. If you notice your blinkers behaving strangely or a languid response when you use part of your electronic system, then do not hesitate to stop your car and make sure it is towed to a mechanic who specializes in electronic faults so that this can be fixed quickly.

Damaged Tire

If you have ever driven on a flat tire before then you probably think you can get away with driving on a damaged tire too, but the two are not exactly the same issue. Flat tires can be driven on safely for very short periods of time (to allow you to get off the main road), whereas damaged tires that have been pushed in the wrong way or mangled in some other way can not be safely driven on at all. If the structural component of your tire has been compromised in any way, whether it is leaning, curved or downright smashed in, you need to pull over and call a tow truck service.

Dead Engine

While you can call for roadside assistance and try and get your dead engine sorted exactly where you are, often you end up with the same answer you would have got if you used a tow truck initially: you need a mechanic to fix it. Dead engines often are quite serious tasks that cannot be fixed anywhere apart from the shop due to the complexity and number of parts involved. Using a tow truck service to get your truck safely to a trusted mechanic is really your best bet to getting a new and improved engine without delay.

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