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What You Need To Know About Heavy Truck Towing

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Most drivers know about towing services but understand very little about heavy-duty towing. Unfortunately, you might need a heavy-duty towing service when dealing with heavy vehicles or equipment. Here are some essential details regarding big truck towing.

Heavy-Duty Towing: What Is It?

As the name suggests, heavy-duty towing involves hauling large and heavy trucks or construction equipment. Standard tow trucks lack the capacity to tow or carry heavy-duty vehicles. As such, you'll need a much stronger truck to haul your truck or whatever equipment you want to transport safely.

Heavy towing trucks have the most advanced equipment, enabling them to handle big tow jobs. The trucks are equipped with a strong winch, wheel lift, and boom. Besides, these trucks have a lot of horsepower and torque, making it easy for them to pull or carry heavy vehicles.

Which Cars Need Heavy Duty Towing?

Now that you understand what heavy-duty towing entails, which cars qualify for this service? Well, most cars that need a special license to run on public roads can only be transported using heavy towing trucks. This should include industrial vehicles that fall under classes 5 to 8. Some of them include:

  • RVs: If you own a class A, B, or C motorhome, you'll need to hire a heavy-duty towing company to transport it.
  • Large Trucks: Delivery trucks should also be towed by heavy trucks due to their large size.
  • Buses: City buses, school busses, and tour buses should also be hauled by a heavy truck towing company.
  • City Service Vehicles: This category includes roadwork vehicles, garbage trucks, semi-trucks, large tractor equipment, and fire trucks

Benefits of Heavy Duty Towing

Here are the perks that come with hiring a heavy-duty towing service.

Ideal for Large and Heavy Trucks

Standard trucks might have difficulty hauling large and heavy trucks. You should get towing trucks equipped with advanced winches and wheel lifts to transport buses, tractors, fire trucks, and RVs.


If you care about the safety of your truck, bus, or tractor, you need to have it transported by a heavy-duty tow truck. These trucks are designed to haul your vehicle safely. You don't have to be stressed about your truck or bus falling off the tow truck.  

Save on Costs 

If you can avoid additional damage as your car is being transported to the mechanic, you'll save a lot of money. Luckily, a heavy truck towing company guarantees that your vehicle will arrive in one piece.

Now you know what to expect when hiring a heavy truck towing company.