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Why Law Enforcement Agencies Often Work With Vehicle Impounding Services

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Vehicle towing and impounding services regularly work with drivers, car dealerships, and more to provide the services that they need. Believe it or not, these companies also commonly work with law enforcement agencies. If you're having a hard time understanding why a police department or other law enforcement agency might get in contact with an impounding service, consider the reasons listed here.

There Are Times When Vehicle Impounding is Necessary

There are times when law enforcement agencies have to impound certain citizens' vehicles. This might happen if they catch someone driving without insurance or a license, or when they catch someone drinking and driving. Because law enforcement officers often find themselves in this situation, it's smart for them to have a relationship established with a vehicle impounding service.

They Often Don't Have Their Own Equipment

Law enforcement agencies often have a lot of equipment that they use when providing services in their community. They might have a variety of police vehicles that they use for handling various situations in the community, but one thing that they don't often have is their own towing vehicles. Luckily, because there are so many towing and impounding services out there that are typically willing to work with law enforcement agencies, they usually don't have to have their own equipment. This saves taxpayers some money and allows law enforcement agencies to focus their funds on other things that might be needed for providing policing services in the community.

Impounding Services Typically Have Lots, Too

Not only do law enforcement agencies have to worry about how they will pick up citizens' vehicles when they need to perform an impound, but they also have to think about where they are going to store the vehicles that are impounded. Many law enforcement agencies have their own lots, but there are a lot of them that don't, too. Luckily, impounding services often have lots where vehicles can be stored when they are impounded. These are typically secured lots with fences, locks, cameras, and alarm systems, so citizens' vehicles are kept safe until their owners are able to pick them up.

Law Enforcement Often Doesn't Have to Pay for the Service

Although the way that vehicle impounding is handled often depends on state and local laws, the procedures and policies used by the law enforcement agency, and the preferences of the impounding service, it's true that law enforcement agencies typically don't pay for impounding services. Instead, the impounding company will often charge the citizen for towing and storage services when they pick up the vehicle.

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