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3 Important Things To Do Before Getting Your Vehicle Towed

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There are varying reasons why your car can get towed; while some are avoidable, others are entirely beyond your control and power. There are instances when you may need towing services to get your stuck vehicle to the mechanics. Regardless of the reasons behind the towing, always be prepared for the whole process. 

Here are three essential things you need to do before you get your vehicle towed.

Get Hold of Essential Documents and Stuff

Once your vehicle is in a towable condition, the first thing you need to do is to collect all your items and remove them from the vehicle. Doing this helps you to account for your essential documents and items and protect them from getting damaged. Most towing service providers will always let you know in advance that they won't be liable for any item that gets lost during the process.

Whether the towing company offers to take responsibility for lost items or not, it's safe to have them at your watch before you lose them. If your insurance policy covers tows, then having your documents at hand is essential for quick follow-up of the services. If they don't, you can liaise with them to recommend cheaper and most efficient towing services.

Read and Sign the Towing Paperwork Carefully

There's a lot of important information that goes into towing paperwork you cannot afford to overlook. A good tow truck driver will offer you a comprehensive towing contract describing all the services they cover and the amount they expect you to pay.

You can only agree to pay for itemized services you need and are aware of. Check where they're taking your vehicle and if you'll have the choice of picking a garage of your choice. Only sign a contract that specifies the services offered and ask for clarification on every service you pay for before signing. Keep a copy of the agreement for future reference. 

Check and Recheck If Your Vehicle Needs to Be Towed

Most people quickly rush to call a towing truck as soon as they're involved in an accident, regardless of the intensity of the accident on their vehicle. You might realize your car is in good shape to be driven away from the accident scene upon closer examination. Before calling for towing services, see if the following are true:

  • The steering and brakes are intact
  • There are fluid leaks 
  • The hood can close securely
  • The mirrors are all intact
  • The headlights and taillights are in perfect working condition.

If all the above are in perfect shape, you can swiftly drive off your vehicle to your preferred garage for further checks and save on the towing costs.

Contact a tow truck company near you to learn more.