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2 Tips To Help You Move Heavy Equipment

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When it comes to moving heavy equipment from one job site to the next, you can't just drive the equipment down the road. You need to hire a professional team to help you transport the goods to your destination. When it comes to moving heavy equipment, there are some smart moves you can make to simplify the process.

Do What You Can to Avoid A Wide-Load Designations

When you have equipment that is considered a wide load, you are going to have to get special permits every time you want to transport the equipment, and you are going to have to pay the transportation company more money. There are steps you can take to avoid having to classify something as a wide load.

One of the best things you can do is remove accessories and attachments. If a load is too heavy, removing attachments and shipping them in a different load can help you stay within the weight limit. If a piece of equipment is too wide, you can take the tires off the equipment, allowing it to fit widthwise on a trailer. If the equipment is too long, you may be able to remove some components.

Keep in mind that if you remove parts and components, you may have to pay for an additional vehicle to transport those components, so be sure to weigh the cost and time of removing parts versus paying for a wide-load designation.

Always Properly Prepare Your Equipment

The transportation service you hire is responsible for strapping down your equipment and keeping it secure while they are transporting it. However, with heavy equipment, that is generally not all that needs to be done to get it ready for transportation.

You may need to immobilize moving parts on the equipment. You are going to want to cover up the exhaust stacks to keep debris from getting into the exhaust system while it is being transported. You may need to disconnect the battery to keep alarms from going off.

You are going to want to wash and clean your machine, as this will make it easier for the transportation company to find good handhold and tie-down points on the machine. You should also clean the inside and make sure there is nothing inside the cab that can move around and cause damage.

When it comes to transporting heavy equipment, you can take steps to avoid a wide-load designation by paring things down; just remember, you will probably have to pay for more trips to transport your equipment this way. You should also always prepare your equipment in advance; it is your job to get the equipment ready for transport, and it is the transportation services job to make sure it gets to its destination safely.

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