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3 Typical Ways To Unlock Your Car & Why They Rarely Work On Modern Vehicles

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You have managed to get locked out of your vehicle, so the first thing you do is reach for Google on your phone to find a way to unlock your vehicle quickly. You will likely come up with all kinds of tricks that are supposed to work. However, many of these proposed tricks rarely work on newer vehicles. Therefore, you may have to call on a towing service to help you out instead. Here is a look at some of the typically recommended ways to unlock a car without professional assistance and why they frequently fail to work on modern vehicles. 

Using a clothes hanger to unlock your car

Using a straightened wire clothes hanger to unlock your car door involves shimmying the wire through a small crack between the glass and the seal around the frame of the door and maneuvering the wire to the unlocking mechanism inside the door. As easy as this sounds, it can take a lot of finagling to do, and many modern cars have electronic locking mechanisms that are impossible to reach and manipulate with a wire. In addition, you could easily trigger an alarm and have an even bigger problem. 

Using a shoestring to unlock your car

You probably always have a shoestring accessible, so this unlocking trick sounds like a dream come true if you frequently lock yourself out of your vehicle. The idea is that you will create a loop at the end of the shoestring, slip it through the window, and then work the loop around the lock, pull tight to tighten the loop, and then pull the string to unlock the door. The majority of modern vehicles actually have different locking mechanisms. They may not have a small mechanism sticking up to loop around, and the locks may be located near the door handle in a way that it would be impossible to slip the loop over anything. 

Using a screwdriver and a long rod to unlock your car

Some older cars had doors that could be slightly pried open with a flathead screwdriver. You could pry the doors open just enough to slip a thin, long steel or metal rod through and hit the unlock button or push it up. Unfortunately, this method rarely works on a modern car. Not only are doors designed in a way that makes them practically impossible to pry open at all, but doing so would likely cause a fair amount of damage. 

Instead of trying to unlock your car with techniques from the Internet, contact a locksmith or towing service in your area. They will help you unlock your car and get on your way in no time. Visit websites like for more information.