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3 Practical Going Away Gift Ideas For The Teen Who's Moving Away To College

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Are you having a hard time trying to figure out what to get your college-bound teen as a going away gift before they leave? There's no need to stress with the following gift ideas to take advantage of:

School Cafeteria Vouchers

Gifting your college kid with school cafeteria vouchers will help offset their food costs so they can keep more money for things like other bills, school books, and supplies while getting settled in. Provide your child with enough vouchers to eat one meal a day at the cafeteria for the first month or two of school. This will take some stress out of budgeting while they look for work if they need to and create a sustainable daily regimen within their life.

You should be able to give the school a payment and have it credited to your kid's account, so all they have to do is show identification each time they want a meal. Create physical vouchers that can be wrapped and gifted to your college kid by printing colorfully designed certificates that can be found for free on the Internet and personalizing them before rolling them up like scrolls.

A Care Package Subscription

Give your child some extra support as they build a new life at college by subscribing them then one or two care package programs. These programs typically send subscribers a box on a regular basis of new products that center around a specific theme. Some programs send weekly boxes while others send theirs out once a month. You can gift your college-bound teen with subscription boxes that will help fill their cupboards, provide them with some entertainment, or takes care of their basic needs. Consider one or more of the following options:

  • Shaving products and accessories

  • Snack and candy samplers

  • Cleaning supplies

  • Personal hygiene products

  • Spices and Seasonings

  • Tickets to ongoing attractions, such as the movies

The idea is to provide your child with an ongoing gift that makes their life a little more comfortable and convenient as they work toward earning their degree.

Roadside Assistance Membership

If you're like most parents of college-bound kids, you are likely hoping that your child comes home to visit as often as possible. Support your college kid's trips between home and college by gifting them with a roadside assistance membership. Not only will the membership provide you and your child with some peace of mind while they're on the road, but the service can help save your kid some money on towing and repairs when they are driving around town, to work, or even to the woods for a weekend of camping. Look for a roadside assistance program that offers various services in addition to towing such as gas delivery, flat tires changes, and jump starts to help ensure that your college-bound teen never gets stuck on the side of the road – especially when they're alone. Contact a towing company to learn more.

These going away gift ideas are sure to be appreciated will help ensure that your child is safe, comfortable, and productive while they're away at college.