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Stuck With Low Tread Tires And Snowy Conditions? Tow Your Car To A Tire Shop

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Driving is not something that you usually need to put much thought into because you are so used to it, but this can change when it starts snowing and the roads get slick and icy. Driving with low tread on your tires is dangerous, especially when in snowy conditions. The best thing to do is stay at home, call a tow truck, and have them come to your house to pick you and your vehicle up to head to a nearby tire shop.

Avoid the Chance of Getting into a Collision

It is imperative to avoid putting yourself into a situation in which you could get into an accident. Although you may be a cautious and defensive driver, you never know when something is not going to go your way. Getting to your destination quicker is not worth risking your life or those on the road.

If you do not have roadside assistance coverage, the cost of towing could be unexpected, but it is a far better tradeoff compared to getting into an accident and potentially getting injured. Even if the collision does not involve another vehicle, you could still total your vehicle by losing control of the wheel.

Head to Your Tire Shop of Choice

Although your first thought may be to head to the closest tire shop, you do not necessarily have to do this when getting your vehicle towed. When it comes to something as important as the tires on your car, you do not want to go to a tire shop that you do not feel comfortable with using.

Solve the Problem Sooner Rather than Later

It is possible to hold off on going to a tire shop and risk your car out in the snow, but you are only going to prolong the inevitable. Once your tread reaches a certain point, you have to get new tires. In the past, you could check tire tread with a penny, but this is not the safest bet anymore. Using a quarter will provide you with a more accurate representation of what tread levels you need to be safe on the road. It is even more important to follow this particular rule when you live and drive in an area with snowy conditions.

In an ideal situation, you would never get stuck at your home with hardly any tread and snow on the road. But, it is better to handle such a situation with a great deal of caution by getting your car towed by an auto towing company.