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Keeping Children Safe While Waiting For A Tow

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If your vehicle breaks down on the side of the road due to lack of gas or a broken tire, chances are you will want to get the problem remedied quickly so you can be on your way. If you have small children in the vehicle with you at the time, the situation will feel even more urgent. Here are a few ways you can ensure the safety of your children as you wait for your tow truck to arrive. 

Make An Emergency Kit

It is important to have a few supplies on hand to help out if your vehicle breaks down while your children are with you. Prepare an emergency bag to carry in your trunk or under a seat in case of an emergency. Keep extra diapers, wipes, snacks, bottles of water, and a first aid kit in the bag in case you need to wait for a while. A portable camping toilet may come in handy for older children. Keep a warm blanket and a flashlight in your kit as well. These items will keep your children are warm and nourished if the incident occurs when a tow truck is not able to come to your rescue right away.

Stay In The Vehicle

The safest place for children to stay when waiting for a tow truck is inside the vehicle. Do not leave them in the vehicle on their own while you look for help however. If you do not have a cell phone available, place a piece of cloth or paper outside of the driver's side window to alert other motorists that there is a vehicle in distress. Someone may come to your aid so you can borrow their phone or you can have them make a call for you.

Keep Doors Locked

While having someone come to your assistance may be a relief, it could also be a hazard to your children if they have ill intentions in mind. Keep your doors locked so you are safely housed in your vehicle where they cannot harm you in any way. Crack the window slightly to talk to anyone who comes to your aid. Alert to them that you would like them to call 911 in their behalf, or if you had already called for help, let them know that police are on the way. It is best not to take any chances, especially when children are involved.

Keep Them Calm

Your children may be afraid when your vehicle comes to a stop, especially if it is cold or dark outside. Turn on your interior light if it is dark to help keep them from being frightened. This will also alert other motorists that your vehicle is having difficulties. Talk to your children about the adventure you are having and try to get them involved in telling stories about the other motorists passing by or what the tow truck will look like when it arrives. Tell them they may be able to have a ride in the tow truck if your vehicle is in a state where it will not be repairable on the side of the road. Play games to pass the time in an attempt to keep your kids, and yourself calm.