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Four Things To Keep In Mind When Calling For A Tow Truck Driver

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Calling a tow truck from a company like John's Wrecker Service for help isn't something that most people have to do everyday. If you are in need of towing services, you might be unclear about standard practices and what to expect. The better customer you can be, the more efficient your towing experience will be. Here are four things you can do to help out a tow truck driver when you call for services.

1. Exact Locations Help

The easier it is for a tow truck driver to find you and to know what to expect, the more equipped they can be for your exact situation. Try to be a clear as possible with directions or share your GPS location through your phone or vehicle. If your car is in a gated space or garage, be sure to mention this as well since it might involve sending a smaller tow truck.

2. Try to Keep Calm

If you have gotten in an accident or your car won't start, you might be out of sorts or even panicked. Take a few deep breaths and get a hold of your nerves before you call for a tow. This will help you explain your situation more clearly and will give the tow truck driver or dispatch center a chance to ask questions in order to help with your situation.

3. Ask for Pricing Ahead of Time

Even if you are in a towing emergency, you can ask about pricing over the phone ahead of time. This will help avoid any surprises when the tow truck driver arrives. Go into the process as a knowledgeable customer and make sure you can afford services before a tow truck driver is dispatched to your location.

4. Tipping is Appreciated

If a tow truck driver provides exceptional service, they always will appreciate a tip. Many times drivers won't know going into a situation what their job will entail, so try to remember that their day is full of surprises and challenges. If you call a larger tow truck company, your driver most likely isn't receiving the full amount paid and a tip can make their day.

Whether you have been in an accident, need a tow to a shop, or other roadside service, tow truck drivers are professionals and want to help. Make sure that you do your part to make their job as easy as possible. Being calm, providing as much info as possible, and being ready for payment will help your tow truck driver and ensure that your emergency situation be handled swiftly.