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How To Help Your Son Organize A Land-Clearing Work Party For His Eagle Award

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Has your son received the approval from his Boy Scout leaders to do a service project of clearing the land of one of your community's future building sites? This would be an awesome way to do his big project. Perhaps your area is getting something like a new senior citizen center, a new library, or a park. By your son's Boy Scout troop clearing the land, not only will the organization be saving money, but the guys will always remember that they had a big hand in the development of the site. From cleaning debris to uprooting tree trunks and unwanted trees, the Scouts will have a huge job ahead of them. 

The Focus - Remember that, as tempting as it may be for your son to get in there to do a lot of the work himself, it's very important for him to delegate work to the other Scouts. The first thing your son will need to do is to focus on how many other Scouts will be willing to help on this worthwhile project. A project of this magnitude will also need the supervision of adults. His Scout leader will be able to help your son know which fathers will be willing to give a hand. An experienced adult will be needed to operate a tractor to do the final clearing. 

Putting Out The Word - You already know that it usually takes more than a phone call to advertise an event. Brainstorm with your son and get him to think of ways that he can let the others know the date and time of the clearing party. By asking the right questions, you'll get him to formulate a plan. For example, ask him questions like, "Do you think Mr. Jones would let you print flyers on his new color printer?" One of the things he could assign would be to get one of the artistic boys to make that call and to help him with the other ways he'll put the word out.

Obtaining Equipment - Before the day of the work party, your son will need to obtain the equipment that will be needed to clear the land. A great assignment for one of the other Scouts would be to locate people who are willing to lend tools and wheelbarrows. Is there anybody in your group who has access to a tractor and a flatbed trailer on which to haul it? If not, your son will need to get estimates of companies who do equipment hauling. Equipment hauling is affordable to begin with. However, because of the nature of this project, the service may be given at an even lower rate. It will be a good experience for your son to learn to negotiate a good deal. The company will make the needed arrangements to deliver the equipment, and they will pick up the equipment you have rented at the end of your work day.

The Work Day - Help your son to divide the guys into groups. One efficient way to begin clearing the land is to have one group walk in one direction to pick up papers, cans and other debris. The other group walks in the opposite direction, with the boys meeting on the opposite end of the property. The guys will use the wheelbarrows to transport heavier rocks. Finally, the tractor will go over the entire surface of the land to uproot tree trunks and to remove unwanted trees. 

Besides arranging a picnic lunch, your son should be sure to have plenty of drinking water on hand. 

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