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3 Things That You Shouldn't Leave In Your Car When It's Being Towed

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If your car is being towed for one reason or another, you're probably pretty upset about the situation. Having your car towed because of an accident, a mechanical failure, a flat tire or another issue can really ruin your day, but forgetting to get the essentials out of your vehicle before it's towed can make a bad day even worse. These are a few things that you should not leave behind in your car when you have it towed. Even though you should be able to trust your towing company (such as Darryll's Towing) if you choose a reputable one, you'll be better off by getting these certain items out. 

1. Your Registration and Insurance Information

You probably keep your car registration and insurance information in your car, such as in your glove compartment or your center console. If your car was wrecked, however, you might need this information before you get your car back. You may also generally leave your drivers license in the car, so you will need to remove it as well in case you need it.

2. Your mp3 Player or Stereo Faceplate

You might never take your mp3 player out of your car, particularly if you only like to listen to it while you are driving. You probably don't think about popping your stereo faceplate off when you get out of your car, either. Even though you should not have anything to worry about if you rely on the right towing company to come and pick up your car, you will probably feel more comfortable if you know that these items aren't in your car. Plus, you might find that you miss your mp3 player if you have to be without your car for a few days -- or longer -- while waiting for repairs.

3. Cash or Valuables

Make sure that you get all of your cash and valuables out of your car, such as jewelry. You don't want to worry about or go without these items while your car is in the shop, and even your towing provider will probably prefer for you to get them out of the car before it is towed in.

You might not be thinking much about getting things out of your car when you're in a towing situation, but it really is best to remove certain items before your car is picked up. These are a few things that you'll want to get out before your car is pulled away on a tow truck.