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Talking About Towing Services

Talking About Towing Services

3 Practical Going Away Gift Ideas For The Teen Who’s Moving Away To College

Posted by on Jul 31, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on 3 Practical Going Away Gift Ideas For The Teen Who’s Moving Away To College

Are you having a hard time trying to figure out what to get your college-bound teen as a going away gift before they leave? There’s no need to stress with the following gift ideas to take advantage of: School Cafeteria Vouchers Gifting your college kid with school cafeteria vouchers will help offset their food costs so they can keep more money for things like other bills, school books, and supplies while getting settled in. Provide your child with enough vouchers to eat one meal a day at the cafeteria for the first month or two of school. This will take some stress out of budgeting while they look for work if they need to and create a sustainable daily regimen within their life. You should be able to give the school a payment and have it credited to your kid’s account, so all they have to do is show identification each time they want a meal. Create physical vouchers that can be wrapped and gifted to your college kid by printing colorfully designed certificates that can be found for free on the Internet and personalizing them before rolling them up like scrolls. A Care Package Subscription Give your child some extra support as they build a new life at college by subscribing them then one or two care package programs. These programs typically send subscribers a box on a regular basis of new products that center around a specific theme. Some programs send weekly boxes while others send theirs out once a month. You can gift your college-bound teen with subscription boxes that will help fill their cupboards, provide them with some entertainment, or takes care of their basic needs. Consider one or more of the following options: Shaving products and accessories Snack and candy samplers Cleaning supplies Personal hygiene products Spices and Seasonings Tickets to ongoing attractions, such as the movies The idea is to provide your child with an ongoing gift that makes their life a little more comfortable and convenient as they work toward earning their degree. Roadside Assistance Membership If you’re like most parents of college-bound kids, you are likely hoping that your child comes home to visit as often as possible. Support your college kid’s trips between home and college by gifting them with a roadside assistance membership. Not only will the membership provide you and your child with some peace of mind while they’re on the road, but the service can help save your kid some money on towing and repairs when they are driving around town, to work, or even to the woods for a weekend of camping. Look for a roadside assistance program that offers various services in addition to towing such as gas delivery, flat tires changes, and jump starts to help ensure that your college-bound teen never gets stuck on the side of the road – especially when they’re alone. Contact a towing company to learn more. These going away gift ideas are sure to be appreciated will help ensure that your child is safe, comfortable, and productive while they’re away at...

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Stuck With Low Tread Tires And Snowy Conditions? Tow Your Car To A Tire Shop

Posted by on Apr 14, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Stuck With Low Tread Tires And Snowy Conditions? Tow Your Car To A Tire Shop

Driving is not something that you usually need to put much thought into because you are so used to it, but this can change when it starts snowing and the roads get slick and icy. Driving with low tread on your tires is dangerous, especially when in snowy conditions. The best thing to do is stay at home, call a tow truck, and have them come to your house to pick you and your vehicle up to head to a nearby tire shop. Avoid the Chance of Getting into a Collision It is imperative to avoid putting yourself into a situation in which you could get into an accident. Although you may be a cautious and defensive driver, you never know when something is not going to go your way. Getting to your destination quicker is not worth risking your life or those on the road. If you do not have roadside assistance coverage, the cost of towing could be unexpected, but it is a far better tradeoff compared to getting into an accident and potentially getting injured. Even if the collision does not involve another vehicle, you could still total your vehicle by losing control of the wheel. Head to Your Tire Shop of Choice Although your first thought may be to head to the closest tire shop, you do not necessarily have to do this when getting your vehicle towed. When it comes to something as important as the tires on your car, you do not want to go to a tire shop that you do not feel comfortable with using. Solve the Problem Sooner Rather than Later It is possible to hold off on going to a tire shop and risk your car out in the snow, but you are only going to prolong the inevitable. Once your tread reaches a certain point, you have to get new tires. In the past, you could check tire tread with a penny, but this is not the safest bet anymore. Using a quarter will provide you with a more accurate representation of what tread levels you need to be safe on the road. It is even more important to follow this particular rule when you live and drive in an area with snowy conditions. In an ideal situation, you would never get stuck at your home with hardly any tread and snow on the road. But, it is better to handle such a situation with a great deal of caution by getting your car towed by an auto towing...

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Keeping Children Safe While Waiting For A Tow

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If your vehicle breaks down on the side of the road due to lack of gas or a broken tire, chances are you will want to get the problem remedied quickly so you can be on your way. If you have small children in the vehicle with you at the time, the situation will feel even more urgent. Here are a few ways you can ensure the safety of your children as you wait for your tow truck to arrive.  Make An Emergency Kit It is important to have a few supplies on hand to help out if your vehicle breaks down while your children are with you. Prepare an emergency bag to carry in your trunk or under a seat in case of an emergency. Keep extra diapers, wipes, snacks, bottles of water, and a first aid kit in the bag in case you need to wait for a while. A portable camping toilet may come in handy for older children. Keep a warm blanket and a flashlight in your kit as well. These items will keep your children are warm and nourished if the incident occurs when a tow truck is not able to come to your rescue right away. Stay In The Vehicle The safest place for children to stay when waiting for a tow truck is inside the vehicle. Do not leave them in the vehicle on their own while you look for help however. If you do not have a cell phone available, place a piece of cloth or paper outside of the driver’s side window to alert other motorists that there is a vehicle in distress. Someone may come to your aid so you can borrow their phone or you can have them make a call for you. Keep Doors Locked While having someone come to your assistance may be a relief, it could also be a hazard to your children if they have ill intentions in mind. Keep your doors locked so you are safely housed in your vehicle where they cannot harm you in any way. Crack the window slightly to talk to anyone who comes to your aid. Alert to them that you would like them to call 911 in their behalf, or if you had already called for help, let them know that police are on the way. It is best not to take any chances, especially when children are involved. Keep Them Calm Your children may be afraid when your vehicle comes to a stop, especially if it is cold or dark outside. Turn on your interior light if it is dark to help keep them from being frightened. This will also alert other motorists that your vehicle is having difficulties. Talk to your children about the adventure you are having and try to get them involved in telling stories about the other motorists passing by or what the tow truck will look like when it arrives. Tell them they may be able to have a ride in the tow truck if your vehicle is in a state where it will not be repairable on the side of the road. Play games to pass the time in an attempt to keep your kids, and yourself...

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Four Things To Keep In Mind When Calling For A Tow Truck Driver

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Calling a tow truck from a company like John’s Wrecker Service for help isn’t something that most people have to do everyday. If you are in need of towing services, you might be unclear about standard practices and what to expect. The better customer you can be, the more efficient your towing experience will be. Here are four things you can do to help out a tow truck driver when you call for services. 1. Exact Locations Help The easier it is for a tow truck driver to find you and to know what to expect, the more equipped they can be for your exact situation. Try to be a clear as possible with directions or share your GPS location through your phone or vehicle. If your car is in a gated space or garage, be sure to mention this as well since it might involve sending a smaller tow truck. 2. Try to Keep Calm If you have gotten in an accident or your car won’t start, you might be out of sorts or even panicked. Take a few deep breaths and get a hold of your nerves before you call for a tow. This will help you explain your situation more clearly and will give the tow truck driver or dispatch center a chance to ask questions in order to help with your situation. 3. Ask for Pricing Ahead of Time Even if you are in a towing emergency, you can ask about pricing over the phone ahead of time. This will help avoid any surprises when the tow truck driver arrives. Go into the process as a knowledgeable customer and make sure you can afford services before a tow truck driver is dispatched to your location. 4. Tipping is Appreciated If a tow truck driver provides exceptional service, they always will appreciate a tip. Many times drivers won’t know going into a situation what their job will entail, so try to remember that their day is full of surprises and challenges. If you call a larger tow truck company, your driver most likely isn’t receiving the full amount paid and a tip can make their day. Whether you have been in an accident, need a tow to a shop, or other roadside service, tow truck drivers are professionals and want to help. Make sure that you do your part to make their job as easy as possible. Being calm, providing as much info as possible, and being ready for payment will help your tow truck driver and ensure that your emergency situation be handled...

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How To Help Your Son Organize A Land-Clearing Work Party For His Eagle Award

Posted by on Dec 23, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on How To Help Your Son Organize A Land-Clearing Work Party For His Eagle Award

Has your son received the approval from his Boy Scout leaders to do a service project of clearing the land of one of your community’s future building sites? This would be an awesome way to do his big project. Perhaps your area is getting something like a new senior citizen center, a new library, or a park. By your son’s Boy Scout troop clearing the land, not only will the organization be saving money, but the guys will always remember that they had a big hand in the development of the site. From cleaning debris to uprooting tree trunks and unwanted trees, the Scouts will have a huge job ahead of them.  The Focus – Remember that, as tempting as it may be for your son to get in there to do a lot of the work himself, it’s very important for him to delegate work to the other Scouts. The first thing your son will need to do is to focus on how many other Scouts will be willing to help on this worthwhile project. A project of this magnitude will also need the supervision of adults. His Scout leader will be able to help your son know which fathers will be willing to give a hand. An experienced adult will be needed to operate a tractor to do the final clearing.  Putting Out The Word – You already know that it usually takes more than a phone call to advertise an event. Brainstorm with your son and get him to think of ways that he can let the others know the date and time of the clearing party. By asking the right questions, you’ll get him to formulate a plan. For example, ask him questions like, “Do you think Mr. Jones would let you print flyers on his new color printer?” One of the things he could assign would be to get one of the artistic boys to make that call and to help him with the other ways he’ll put the word out. Obtaining Equipment – Before the day of the work party, your son will need to obtain the equipment that will be needed to clear the land. A great assignment for one of the other Scouts would be to locate people who are willing to lend tools and wheelbarrows. Is there anybody in your group who has access to a tractor and a flatbed trailer on which to haul it? If not, your son will need to get estimates of companies who do equipment hauling. Equipment hauling is affordable to begin with. However, because of the nature of this project, the service may be given at an even lower rate. It will be a good experience for your son to learn to negotiate a good deal. The company will make the needed arrangements to deliver the equipment, and they will pick up the equipment you have rented at the end of your work day. The Work Day – Help your son to divide the guys into groups. One efficient way to begin clearing the land is to have one group walk in one direction to pick up papers, cans and other debris. The other group walks in the opposite direction, with the boys meeting on the opposite end of the property. The guys will use the wheelbarrows...

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5 Common Auto Repairs

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If you own a vehicle or are thinking about purchasing your first vehicle, you should know what some common repairs are. This will prepare you for the costs that come with owning a vehicle. The more prepared you are for certain repairs that are common, then the more likely you are going to be able to save for those repairs and you won’t be surprised when they come up. Here are five common auto repairs to know of: Fuel System Repairs: Fuel system repairs are common because fuel systems can easily become clogged from dirt and debris. You can prevent this repair from arising by being sure that you are replacing the air filters every 45,000 miles. However, at some point in time, the fuel system will still need to be cleared out; it just won’t be as often if you are replacing the air filters.  Tire Repairs: Tire repairs are common because of the constant pressure that tires are under. You can prevent frequent need for tire repairs by ensuring that you have the tires rotated every 6 months. If you don’t have the tires rotated this often, you are more likely going to need to replace them more often than is regularly needed.  Battery Repairs: The battery of your vehicle eventually becomes drained of life and will need to be replaced. This is inevitable and cannot easily be avoided. However, getting your battery checked every so often is a good way to ensure that any issues are caught early before it becomes a problem, such as corrosion, which can drain the battery of life a bit quicker.  Coolant Repairs: The coolant system of your vehicle is what helps to keep the engine cool to prevent overheating. The coolant can eventually become filled with dirt and grime that can cause corrosion to the engine and other moving parts in the vehicle. This is why the coolant needs to be flushed every 5 years. If this isn’t done, it can lead to parts in your vehicle needing to be replaced or have extensive repairs after becoming overheated.  Electrical Repairs: Electrical repairs are all too common with vehicles and can happen almost anywhere. This includes needing to replace a broken headlight or brake light. You may also need to replace a blown fuse that is causing certain parts in the vehicle not to work.  By knowing what common repairs you face when you own a vehicle, you can be better prepared for the moment that they arise. Talk to a repair shop, like Fredericktown Marathon, to learn more about the maintenance you should be...

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5 Holiday Road Trip Tips

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If you’re planning a long drive to visit family and friends for the holidays you need to make sure you’re prepared. You need to make sure your car is ready for the drive and that you have the essentials in case of bad weather. Here are five tips to keep in mind before you go on your holiday travels: 1. Car tires Your tires are absolutely essential for a safe trip, especially during winter weather. Take your car in to a mechanic to have your tires rotated and your tire tread inspected. If your tire tread is low, consider having your tires replaced. Low tire tread increases stopping distance and can cause you to skid on snow and ice. You should also ensure that your tires have the proper pressure. 2. Towing service Before your holiday trip you should sign up a roadside assistance plan that includes tow truck service. These plans are very affordable and some provide the first few tows free. You never know when your car will get stuck in the snow or if your car’s battery dies. When the temperature drops below freezing, being stuck in a car can be dangerous. Also, your auto insurance company may already offer roadside assistance so call your local agent. 3. Emergency supplies Before departing, make sure you have essentials in your car in case of emergency. Here is a list: Flashlight Fleece blanket Boots Gloves Snow shovel Kitty litter to give you traction in case you get stuck Water 4. Winter driving There are certain tips you should always keep in mind when driving through areas with snow or ice. Here are general tips for winter driving: Keep your gas tank at least half full. This prevents the fuel line from freezing and will also let you run your heater if you get stuck. Give yourself extra stopping distance, even when the road looks fine. A patch of black ice is almost invisible. If it’s snowing, drive at or below the speed limit. If you start to skid or slide, steer into it, not against it. Take your foot off the gas but do not touch your brakes. 5. Be alert The combination of winter weather and many drivers on the road increase the likelihood you will be stuck in traffic. You may be tempted to drive for a longer period than you planned or drive at night when you’re tired to make up for lost time. If you’re fatigued, do not drive, especially in poor weather. Either ask a passenger to drive or spend the night in a hotel. Your safety and that of your passengers is the best gift you can give. These five tips will keep you safe while you’re traveling this holiday season. If you need a tow truck service, visit Arctic Thunder Towing &...

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Equipment You Absolutely Need For Towing A Car That You May Have Missed

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Some equipment may be more obvious when it comes to towing your car, such as the hitch. But others you may not know about if this is one of your first times trying it. Here are some examples of essential equipment. Extended Side-view Mirrors Not all vehicles are perfectly well suited for towing, and you can’t just assume that they’ll have all the equipment that you need. You may need to do something about this yourself if the equipment isn’t there. For example, you have to have side-view mirrors that are far enough away from the car to let you see what’s going on with the car you’re towing behind you. Most cars are going to have regular side-view mirrors. But, in order to properly see, you need the extended kind. The regular mirrors let you see the other lanes on the highway. The extended side-view mirrors let you see traffic coming on all sides. Not only are they further away from the cabin, they are also often both wider and taller than the regular kind.  If you’re towing a vehicle that blocks your line of sight, they are essential. Legally Required Lights Obviously you need your headlights when driving at night, but if you’re going to be towing a car through a period where it will be dark, you’re going to need more than just your headlights and brake lights. You also need operating lights in the towed vehicle, especially if it’s a trailer. You also need these lights to sync up with your main vehicle.  The exact law is going to vary based on the state, but many states are specific about how many lights you need and where the lights need to be mounted. It helps to make sure you look up the law in your state in order to make sure everything is on the up and up before you take off with a towed vehicle. Connected Brakes You really need to make sure that the brakes of your towing vehicle and the brakes of your towed vehicle are connected together properly or you’ll end up with the towed vehicle running away from you. This is usually done through something called a brake controller. On the other hand, if you get someone else to help you with the tow, you won’t have to worry about it so much since professionals will have done this many times. This list isn’t exhaustive so it helps to at least get some professional advice depending on your specific situation. Talk with a towing business, such as Michael’s Towing & Recovery Service, if you have additional...

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How To Set Up A Parking Lot Management Plan For Your Apartment Complex

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As an apartment complex owner or manager, you are probably concerned with keeping your facility safe and your tenants happy. One option for accomplishing both is to consider parking lot management. With a few simple steps and the help of a towing service, you can keep your available parking areas open to residents and ensure the safety of your complex. Here are just a few options for successful parking lot management. Assign Parking If your parking lot doesn’t already have assigned parking, consider switching to this option. You’ll need to hire a contractor to paint each spot with a number or letter code to coincide with each resident’s parking assignment. Once each spot is lettered or numbered, you can begin to assign spots based on the proximity to each person’s apartment. Be sure to leave some parking spaces aside for guests, contractors and other visitors. You can then issue parking stickers or passes that have the parking assignment printed on them. You’ll probably want to issue two spots to each unit if your available space allows, so make sure that the passes allow the tenants to park in either space. After giving residents a month or two to get used to the assigned parking, you can then call in a towing service to begin monitoring the lot for unauthorized vehicles. Issue Guest Passes Your residents will likely have friends or family visiting from time to time. To provide convenient parking for these guests, you can issue temporary guest passes to your tenants each month. You can limit the number of days the passes are good for to discourage people from using the guest passes on a continuous basis. Your towing company should visit your lot at least once per day and once per evening to monitor your guest parking spots to ensure everyone in the lot has the appropriate guest parking passes. Set Rules About Disabled/Abandoned Vehicles Having disabled or abandoned vehicles in your parking lot that never move can be an issue for both the safety and aesthetics of your property. You may want to consider instituting a rule requiring tenants to move their vehicles every few days. Whether they move from one assigned spot to another or they simply take the vehicle for a drive around the lot to show it is still in working order, having your tenants move their vehicles regularly will ensure that broken down vehicles don’t begin to take over your parking lot. If residents fail to move their cars, you can have your towing service remove the vehicles from the lot. Of course, you may want to loosen these restrictions in the winter during severe snow storms so your residents aren’t being asked to drive in unsafe conditions. Your towing company can be your partner in managing your parking lot. Be sure to give your tenants plenty of advance notice before you begin to tow, and post signage indicating that non-residents will be towed at their own expense. Once your parking lot management plan is in place and your towing services professional begins patrolling the lot, you might even find that you have more available parking than you...

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Top Safety Tips To Follow When Waiting For Auto Towing

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When you are broken down in the middle of nowhere, you need to take some precautions. From the risk of passing motorists to the possibility of roadside attack, waiting on a tow truck, you never know what can happen. Here are some tips to keep you safe while you are waiting on the towing service to arrive. Pull Off the Road The most important thing when waiting for a tow truck is to pull as far off the road as you possibly can. Pull your car over to the right of the road and away from busy intersections if you are able to do so. Mark the Spot If you have flares or triangle markers, it is best to put them in front of and behind your car, so that passing motorists can see you from far away. Switch on the hazard lights on your car as well and you reduce the chance of other cars running you over because they can’t see you. Be Aware of the Things Around You While you wait, be extra vigilant of the things around you. If you have broken down near a wooded area, it is possible that wildlife, such as bears in the Carolinas and even snakes that you don’t see will come to check you out. Wildlife can be dangerous, so it’s best to stay in your car if you can until the tow truck arrives. Ask for Identification When you are on the phone with dispatch, give them all of the information you can. When you are done, ask them for the license plate number of the tow truck they are sending so that you can check it before getting out of the car. It is never a bad idea to ask for identification from the driver as well, just to be on the safe side. Be Careful Accepting Help from Strangers If someone approaches the car, open your window a crack and speak to them. Never unlock the doors or get out of the car and never accept a ride from someone who isn’t the tow truck driver sent to help you. These are just a few tips for keeping safe while you are waiting for auto towing. From being careful of strangers to pulling off to a safe spot on the road if you can, following these tips will help to keep you safe until your car is towed and you are safely at...

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